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Utility Billing Information

Attention Utility Customers:
All past due balances must be paid by the due date as indicated on the yellow late notice and on your monthly bill.  A late fee does apply to all payments received after the 20th of each month.  
Absolutely NO EXTENSIONS will be granted to prevent termination of services for delinquent balances. 

Pay My Bill - Now!
 Reconnect Fees:
*Electric $125.00
*Water $75.00 
*Water (Out-of-Boro) $51.00

Restoring Service:
If your service is terminated due to a delinquent balance and you make a payment online expecting to restore your service; you MUST call the Utility Billing Department in Borough Hall at (570) 385-2841, to report a payment made.  Making a payment online without notifying the Utilities Department does not guarantee your service will be restored.

If your service is terminated due to a delinquent balance and you need to restore service after hours; please call the Schuylkill Haven Police on the non-emergency line at (570) 385-9111.  Please note; any service call made to restore service after hours due to a delinquent balance termination will result in additional fees added to the past due balance. The police will request for you to pay your full delinquent balance, along with the reconnection fee, and the afterhours service fees.

Notice to Contractors & Plumbers:
All pressure valves must have a "working rating pressure of 300 p.s.i. that reduces pressures down to a minimum of 40 p.s.i."

Tapping Fees -New Service
Water $1200.00                                                                        
Sewer $2500.00

Utility Deposits (Required for Renters)
Electric (Non Elec Heat) - $192.00
Electric (Elec Heat) - $281.00
Water    -  $ 126.00
Sewer    -  $ 59.00

All Utilities (Non Elec Heat): $377.00
All Utilities (Elec Heat): $466.00

Deposits are not refunded until the tenant moves out. The deposit will first apply to any balance owed to the Borough and if funds remain they are refunded to the tenant.

The Utilities Department accepts the following forms of payment:

Please note; that a merchant convenience fee of 1.95% will be charged to all payments made via credit card.
The fee applies to in-office payments, all phone payments, and online payments.
If you have any questions, please contact the utility office at (570) 385-2841.  
Thank you.

In-office payments of cash, check, money order, debit card, and credit card
Payments via Drive-Thru
Mail Payments
Online Payments
Automated Bank Drafts via checking account
Online Banking Payments
Payments may also be made at First Citizens Community Bank located at 45 W Main St, Schuylkill Haven; as long as you do not have a past due balance.
Forms for automated draft (ACH) may be printed from the navigation bar on the left,  picked up from Boro Hall, or mailed to you upon request. Please provide a voided check when returning completed form. 

For further information on drafts please contact
Sherry Slappey or Taylor Korell in Utilities at 385-2841

Send Correspondence To:
Schuylkill Haven Utilities
333 Centre Avenue
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972-1007

Utility Services

Schuylkill Haven is one of the few Boroughs which supplies all utilities to our customers.  Services include electric, water, sewer and refuse collection, which are provided and billed on a monthly basis.

Schuylkill Haven customers are given the privilege of having all of these services billed on one invoice for convenience and efficiency. 

As an electric provider, Schuylkill Haven Borough is a consortium. The Borough purchases the power from Amp Ohio & Allegheny and provides it to the public.

The public water is supplied from the Borough's Tumbling Run Water Plant. The Borough owns the dams,  which pulls water from the reservoir and stores it in the Tumbling Run & Willow Lake tanks. The water is thoroughly tested, and cleaned to meet Department of Environmental Protection regulations and is distributed to the residents of Schuylkill Haven, Cressona & North Manheim.
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