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Refuse & Recycling

Effective January 2, 2023 the Borough of Schuylkill Haven will have a new sanitation contractor, Anthracite Waste. Garbage will be picked up Tuesdays and Wednesdays as indicated below. Recycling will remain on Thursdays.Picture1 - Copy (4)

Download the Trash & Recycling Bin Regulations & Reminders

Curbside collection of trash is provided within the Borough  on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for designated sections throughout the town.
Electronics are prohibited from curbside refuse and recycling collection. Information regarding electronic recycling
Vegetative yard waste disposal is accepted by permit at a composting area located near the Sewage Treatment Plant on Saint Charles Street. 

Anthracite Waste observes the following holidays where there will be a delay in trash and/or recycling pick up: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If regular pick-up is on:  Tuesday  Holiday Week Pickup will be Wednesday

2024 Holiday Schedule 
Monday, May 27, 2024 - Memorial Day
Thursday, July 4, 2024- 4th of July
Monday, September 2, 2024 - Labor Day
Thursday, November 28, 2023 - Thanksgiving
Wednesday, December 25, 2024- Christmas
Wednesday, January 1, 2025- New Years Day

Recycling - Every Thursday for all residents.
During a holiday week,  recycling pick-up will be on Friday.

Refuse Disposal Policy

  1. 3 Bag Limit 
  2. No construction debris allowed
  3. One large item per month (ie; couch, love seat, table, etc)
  4. No chemicals. Paint cans must have dried up paint.
  5. No appliances
  6. Garbage may be put at the point of pick up after 5pm the day prior to pick up

Yard Waste & Compost Site
Leaves are picked up the second Friday of each month; with the exception of November. In the month of November they will be picked up every Friday.  Leaves must be bagged and by the curb.

All other yard waste should be taken to the compost area, near the Water Treatment plant, located at the end of St. Charles Street. You need a fob to get into the compost area. Fob are free to homeowners for the first fob, additional fobs are $10.00. Tenants may purchase a fob for $10.00. To obtain a fob please contact Borough Hall at (570) 385-2841 Ext 100.

Ash Collection
Ashes are collected throughout the borough on the designated trash day.   Please note: Ashes cannot be dumped at the compost site. It is considered illegal dumping and violators are monitored.

Recycling Information
Recycling pickup is weekly and is picked up every Thursday in Schuylkill Haven for all residents.

The Borough of Schuylkill Haven supports recycling in an effort to save natural resources and energy, reduce solid waste, and consequently reduce the landfill burden.

To insure that the recycling program is a success, please follow the directions for acceptable and non-acceptable items below. 
Recycling - Copy

Household hazardous waste (i.e., paints, solvents, cleaners, poisons, etc) are not permitted in garbage removal. Questions regarding the disposal of such items should be directed to the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management at (570) 628-1220.

Electronic Recycling Information

Mattress Disposal Guide
Information regarding mattress disposal